Exterior Visualization – Interior Visualization – 2D Floor Plans

New Construction of 7 Multi-Family Houses with a Total of Nine Building Sections

With our exclusive 3D visualization, our goal was to highlight and beautifully showcase the enjoyment of living with spacious private gardens and communal outdoor spaces. On sunny days, we created an atmosphere of positive mood and surrounded the buildings with abundant greenery.

The use of high-quality textures and details emphasizes the quality of the facade, which consists of brick on the ground floor, a set-back top floor, and modern balcony railings.

The interior visualization showcases contemporary furnishings in the living areas, children’s rooms, entrance areas, and bathrooms. To give these visualizations a warm and aesthetic atmosphere, we used high-quality materials and placed special emphasis on detailed representations. This clearly reflects the high quality of life.

The 2D floor plans significantly facilitate the sales process of the apartments by allowing for an easy presentation of the living spaces and parking spaces in the underground garage for potential buyers.