Our project process in four steps


1.Inquiry / Quote / Commissioning

When making your inquiry, please provide us with information about the desired visualizations, existing plans in DWG/PDF format, sample images, and the desired completion date.

We will provide you with a free quote within 24 hours.

Upon commissioning, we will need the plans in DWG format, material specifications, and relevant information from you.

2.Selection of Optimal Perspectives

To create the visualizations, a 3D model is first created. You will then receive 3D proposals for the perspectives from which you can choose. This step involves a preliminary check of the visible architecture.

For interior visualizations, the proposed perspectives are directly marked on the floor plans.

After reviewing the proposals, we will work with you to select the optimal camera perspectives.

3.Creation of Preview Images

This step gives the visualization its expressive power. By applying project-specific textures, designing the environment, and meticulously working on lighting and realism, the scene comes to life.

We will provide you with the first preview image in a very short time. We then welcome your graphical feedback. Typically, we achieve the desired final result through two rounds of corrections.

4.Final Visualization

Once you are completely satisfied with the visualization, we render it in high-resolution format, such as 10,000 pixels on the longest side.

The final files will then be ready for you to download.