Five multi-family houses

The project comprises five multi-family houses with a total of eight building parts and 107 modern residential units. Special emphasis was placed on the photorealistic representation of the ground floor apartments with private gardens and the penthouse apartments with spacious rooftop terraces. The exterior visualizations showcase the communal green spaces, providing future residents with room for a fulfilling life.

Four Atrium Houses

Experience the virtual world of our architectural visualizations capturing four atrium houses with a total of 102 exclusive apartments. These visualizations not only capture the outer beauty but also the thoughtful design and the refined interplay of the atrium houses.

Eleven Modern Multi-Family Houses

Eleven modern multi-family houses with a total of 278 exclusive apartments are presented through a flyover video and exterior visualizations. The video is divided into multiple sections and showcases the architecture under different sun positions and lighting conditions.

Three Spacious Semi-Detached Houses

The semi-detached houses are situated on sunny garden plots and offer a perfect new home for future owners.

New Construction of 7 Multi-Family Houses with a Total of Nine Building Sections

With our exclusive 3D visualization, our goal was to highlight and beautifully showcase the enjoyment of living with spacious private gardens and communal outdoor spaces. On sunny days, we created an atmosphere of positive mood and surrounded the buildings with abundant greenery.

New Construction Project – 4 Semi-Detached Houses

The visualizations showcase spacious plots, above-ground parking spaces, and an attractive environment in a traffic-calmed street. The interplay of realistic textures of three different bricks on the facade is visible in the representations. Let yourself be inspired by the harmonious design and charm of this residential oasis, while birds in the sky complete the idyllic picture.

Two Multi-Family Houses on a Slope

Our task was to impress with a flyover video and exterior visualizations, showcasing the outer beauty of this new construction project. The spacious terraces with stylish outdoor furniture, delicate railings, and abundant sunshine through the large windows are not only a delight for viewers but also for future residents. The white facade harmoniously blends into the natural surroundings, creating an appealing aesthetic.

Ensemble of Multiple Buildings

The exterior visualization with an evening atmosphere has the clear goal of illustrating the transformative impact of this masterpiece on the cityscape and city life. The unique ensemble seamlessly integrates with harmonious architecture into its surroundings and exudes an unparalleled expressive power.

Seven New Multi-Family Houses

In a well-maintained residential area, seven new multi-family houses are being built, forming a modern residential complex with a total of 47 condominiums. This impressive project seamlessly integrates into the appealing residential area. The thoughtful design of the outdoor areas allows for particularly beautiful and spacious garden areas for the ground-floor apartments.

Hof Kleffmann

In this project, we have created detailed interior visualizations of high quality. By using premium materials and a careful attention to detail, we have placed special emphasis on giving these interior visualizations a warm and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.